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In a whole new world, we need some “vuja de”. The #vujade, a concept expressed by Karl E. Weick and also taken up by Adam Grant in “Originals”, is the …

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Yesterday we set the table again just next to Beigua Unesco Geopark , and it was such a perfect day. We left Milan at 6.30 am for the setup and …

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Imagine a restaurant without walls, floors and ceilings that is built in the morning and disappears in the evening leaving no trace. Last weekend we set the table by the …

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Mulino dell’olio | Oct 14th, 2018 | Recap Gatherings Out in the Fields Season Finale at Mulino dell’Olio, an old Mill in Clivio, a beautiful venue just minutes from Varese MENU – …

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The Watermill by the river | June 17th, 2018 | Recap An old watermill by a river on the Appennini between Piedmont and Liguria in the middle of nowhere. A place where we invited our …

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The Fortress | May 27th, 2018 | Recap In the heart of Liguria nested between two enchanting bluffs lies the beautiful old village of Moneglia. The Monleone Fortress, built in the XII century on …

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Cascina Fornace - Grua

Amazing Graze | June 18th, 2017 | Recap Last Sunday we brought our table up in the Piedmont Hills. Our host: Cascina Fornace (Grua – AL) and a bunch of cows. MENU …

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By the river | May 21th, 2017 | Recap This is what happened on Sunday May 21st in Tiglieto (GE). Wonderful people in an astonishing location in Liguria MENU APERITIVO – WELCOME COCKTAIL: …

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Episode Zero | May 7h, 2017 | Recap On May 7th we started our Gatherings Out in the fields MENU APERITIVO – WELCOME COCKTAIL: WORLD CLASS BLOODY MARY – RAW …

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